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From thousands of tragic events, a beautiful drawing is born. My name is David Ilan and I am a celebrity artist. When celebrities pose for me, I create a drawings of them using only dots, a technique called pointillism. For the first time in 10 years I am creating a non-celebrity drawing for a project that is very close to my heart. This project, named Points with Purpose, gives my dots a greater meaning by associating each dot with a real person who has been raped or sexually abused.

If you have been raped or sexually abused you can join the project here (It's free), giving your real name or an alias, and have the option of sharing your story. There is also a place in the drawing for people who want to support survivors. I add one dot for every person who joins until the drawing is complete. The final drawing will be of a woman looking confident, proud and beautiful. By joining the project, thousands of people with a shared tragic experience will work together to form a work of art meant to show others who go through similar experiences that they too can feel confident, proud and beautiful again.

Every person involved will have a dot drawn to honor them.
Up close we see individuals with a story.
From far we see a woman who has overcome and grown.

Sharing Personal Contact Information -
Please be very careful not to share your contact information on Points With Purpose. This is a safe place to communicate with others but giving out your phone number, email address, Facebook username, etc. is not safe to do on the internet. Please report anyone who asks for your contact information or for you to contact them outside of PWP.
Posted by Emilie
 It has been a long night. Morning to come, with Sunday at my door far too soon.  It is buzzling to me to discover myself in the middle of living my life with all it has in it. In moments like these I wonder what kept it to...

Forgiveness for the sake of my calm
Posted by NeroTouNnsiou
  When he said what he did I was embarrassed and ashamed. Ashamed of my parents for abandoning me in favour of my brother. Ashamed because I couldn't stand on my own two feet and not need them. Embarrassed for wanting their he...

My Today and Hope for the Future
Posted by TrbldHazelEyes
 I haven't logged into this site for 5 years. I went back and read all the entries I had posted. It feels good to see where I was and compare it to where I am now. In one of my entries I never saw myself being 100% ok, but I a...

Long Climb
Posted by Bella
 It's been a long time since I've been on this site. I crashed badly in 2010 and was in hospital twice for almost two months total. It has taken a lot of treatment and hard work to get out of the hole, but it's nearl...

I am emotional and irrational!
Posted by charley1502
 I haven't been on here for months. I'm not really sure why, I think as I start to face what happened I go back and choose to pretend like it never happened. I don't want to keep doing that because it's not work...

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